Since its opening, S. B. Sharma World School has been striving to create those traditions which are the hallmarks of all good schools : A respect for the integrity and individuality of each student, a faculty and curriculum which inspires a lifelong learning for its own sake and an ethos which promotes personal responsibility.

The objective of the School is to provide an education which is developmental and integrative in character building to nurturing of each pupil into a multi competent person, and to a multifaceted development which enables the head, heart and hands to become balanced parts of an organized whole. I have a firm belief that.

Good Education is the high road to personal and national progress

The school aims at drawing out what is best in the child, through appropriate learning experiences and opportunities, a desire to learn, not just in classroom, but all the time making it an on- going process through life.

We are committed to make difference in the lives of our students. This is reflected in the experienced educators who have been appointed, the examples we set and the opportunities we provide. However we also expect the best from our students. They are encouraged to use their learning and their school experiences to grow into thoughtful, tolerant and cosmopolitan young adults, who are able to understand the importance of recognizing and making moral choices.

We hope parents educationalists and students will join us in our journey towards academic excellence and unique educational experience.