Questioning, discovering, collecting data, analysing explanations & communicating scientific arguments are key ingredients of our science classroom. We follow Application based teaching, where students co-relate the concepts in theory with real life examples / pre-designed Activity Kits form our Chemistry, Physics & Biology Activity Labs.

Integrated JEE Main + Advanced

First Year (During class 11th):
The syllabus of 11th class will be taught to the students integrating the common topics from competitive exam and Board syllabus, the board syllabus shall be finished by mid-January, after which students take their annual examinations of
Class 11th.

Second Year (During class 12th):
The syllabus of 12thclass (from competitive exam and board syllabus) will be completed by end of September, Re-capitulation of class 11th syllabus and 12th board preparation by end of December. We provide revision classes, revision test series, major test series and Problem Solving Counters for students till final examination.
Pedagogy 11th & 12th Science

Peer-To-Peer Active Learning:

We use Peer-to-peer active learning method that encourages students to discuss topics, develop questions and work in teams to learn new information. Students work in buzz groups, discussion and debates will encourage students towards excellence and develop critical thinking.