Pre-Primary / Kindergarten

This is the age when children are new to the ‘out of home’ environment. Their minds however, are extremely receptive – akin to a sponge- and can absorb as much fodder as we can provide.


Our activity based learning program gives the framework to develop English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Language skills in the younger learner.

Secondary School

The trickiest age, when children are just about to enter adolescence. In this transitional period, the child tries to implement, analyze and experiment, and think logically. Hence the teaching methodology adopted is a judicious mix of the primary and high school syllabi.

High School

Young adults or teenagers, are judgmental, energetic and this is the age when children form their opinions. Their search
begins: to know who they are, what they wish to be, when they are in the process of finding out where their interest lies.


Asking Questions, Making discoveries, gathering data, analyzing explanations & communicating scientific arguments are key ingredients of our science classroom.


We develop interest of students in commerce through practical applications and interesting examples, relating the topic to current events and student’s interest or activities.