Co-Curricular Activity, Hobby Club

Co-Curricular Activity
S. B. Sharma World School strongly believes that all children are bestowed with numerous capabilities, aptitudes and talents. It is therefore the responsibility of the school to foster these talents keeping in mind that each child is an individual with specific needs and aptitude. To cater to each child’s innate qualities the school has made provision for expert coaching in various sports and co-scholastic activities like musical instruments, singing, dancing, painting, and horse-riding.

List of Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Hand Writing Competition (English & Hindi)
  • Recitation (English & Hindi)
  • Story Telling
  • Science Exhibition (for Seniors)
  • Rangoli Competition
  • Vegetable Carving
  • Group Song / Solo Song
  • Essay Writing (English & Hindi)
  • Debate and Elocution
  • Social Studies Models
  • Quiz
  • Thermocol Modeling
  • Group Dance / Solo Dance
Performing Arts & Music
The school has a separate Dance Room, Instrumental Music Room, and Art Room. Students Class I onwards regularly go to these rooms as per their timetable. The school has adequate Western and Indian Musical instruments like tabla, sitar, congo, drumset, keyboard, harmonium among others for training the students. Both Classical and Contemporary Songs and Dances are taught to the students. The students with special interest in any of dance, music and art activities get an opportunity to be a part of the respective Clubs of these activities and hone their talents. Students are given ample opportunity to participate in these activities as per their interest and skill during the cultural programs and competitions held within and outside the school.


It is mandatory for students to choose one club activity.SCIENCE CLUB:It is conducted by our experienced science educator who makes learning hands-on. The students get to do 10 working models with materials easily available. The students then explore the scientific concepts behind them. They are also given worksheets. At the end they get to take the models home.


Children in Secondary Class are taught the basics of Animations and at the end of the course they are given certificate of proficiency.


In the earlier days math was first learnt and then applied by students but our RAMANUJAN Math Lab we do it vice versa a child first applies and then he learns the concepts he is taught. It’s a fun and more practical way of learning math. Here in a child comes in an atmosphere that inculcates a desire to touch and learn the various mathematical objects kept around him and learn the concept hidden behind that


It is conducted by the English department. Students get to exhibit their literary and creative skills. In this club the students are divided into two groups. In Term I one of the group is trained in creative writing, debates, evocations etc while the other group gets the training for role plays. In Term II the two groups switch their activities.


This club is taken up by the SUPW teacher who helps children make useful products out of waste.


This club is taken up by the Social Studies department. Here the students get to identify issues related to environment and work towards finding solutions to preserve the environment. Students of this club are also encouraged to take part in the Awaking Walks conducted in each term.


Students in the club organize Quiz Competitions providing daily news update to the students during assembly.


Yoga, meditation and regular fitness training are part of our daily regimen. Students having special talent for particular sports are identified and given professional coaching.

We provide a common platform to nurture the undying sportive spirit and give impetus to academic excellence. Our Skilled coaches recognize the hidden talent, go through rigorous training sessions and instill in them a belief to become ACHIEVERS.

Each student is allotted one game from early classes as per her/his interest once selected extensive training is given to the child for developing her/him in the games it has selected

  • Half Basket Ball
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Kho Kho
  • Chess
  • Karate
  • Roller Skates

House System

The House system has a special relevance at S.B.Sharma World School, the school is divided into four houses, ARJUN, EKLAVYA, SHRAVAN & ABHIMANYU and each house is an autonomous unit under the care of a House Mistress and its Council leaders. It is a structured community within which students develop the feelings of loyalty, responsibility and leadership. The houses compete in a wide variety of fields like co-curricular activities, sports and academics. In fact, these activities test the students and encourage them to exploit their hidden talents.

Student Council

The school provides ample opportunities for chiseling leadership qualities among students by selecting student representative’s each year. The student council comprises of a Head Boy & a Head Girl from the senior most class, Captains, Prefects and Vice Prefects from all levels and in each house to assist in the smooth functioning of the school. The council takes an oath in the Investiture Ceremony which is conducted at the beginning of each academic session. The council members are given badges
and accordingly the responsibilities are alloted.